Heat Pump Brands

Top Lane Traders supplies top heat pump brands to commercial and residential clients nation wide.

Out Heat Pump Brands


Daiken manufactures a wide range of heat pumps for commercial and residential use including its latest environmentally-improved units.


Panasonic NZ has been supplying quality heat pumps since 1998, has a wide range of wall, floor and ceiling mounted heat pumps, and a reputation for reliability and performance.


Gree is a leading manufacturer of heat pumps, founded in 1991, and committed to providing high-tech quality products worldwide.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Our Japanese-engineered technologies allow us to design and deliver world class heat pump systems that go the distance within the tough Kiwi climates.

All our heat pumps come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, plus we provide our own installation warranty.

Talk to the team at Top Lane Traders to see what style and design of heat pump will best suit your situation.