Heat Pump Services – Top Lane Traders, Auckland

Top Lane Traders supplies installs, services, and cleans heat pumps for residential and commercial clients throughout Auckland, and supplies heat pumps for clients nationwide.

Heat Pump Supply
We supply the following top heat pump brands nationwide:

We have wall units, floor units, and ceiling units to suit all appliations.

Heat Pump Servicing, Cleaning and Maintenance

  • We provide a repair and break down service
  • We provide a full cleaning and maintenance service
  • We work on all types of heat pumps
  • We will identify and fix any issues before they become problems
  • Regular servicing will improve the functioning and life of your heat pump
  • A service of your existing heat pump will bring it back to a near new condition
We recommend having your heat pump serviced annually so it continues to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

A Full Service Includes:

  • Clean & disinfect the indoor & outdoor unit coils
  • Clean indoor & outdoor unit
  • Clean & disinfect indoor unit filters
  • Check indoor fan blade for any mould build up, advise customer if cleaning is required*
  • Test & clean drain pipe or condensate pump
  • Check for vermin or insect infestations, lay bait & advise customer if any potential problem exists
  • Test system on heating & cooling & advise customer of any abnormalities
  • Check temperature output
  • Check for gas leak, advise customer if additional refrigerant is required*
  • Replace remote batteries
*Additional parts and/or servicing may incur additional charges.

Heating and cooling symbols

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HEAT PUMPS INSTALLED from $1499.00. All our units carry 5-6 years manufacturers warranty plus same applies to installation. All installations are of top quality and fitted by highly qualified and experienced technicians. We supply, install and service all types of air conditioning units, heat pumps, ducted units, multi-split and home ventilation systems.

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Call the trained and experienced technicians at Top Lane Traders for all your heat pump supply, servicing, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.